Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Monster

Inside there lives a monster
It wreaks havoc on my soul
to utterly destroy me,
is it's final goal

The taste of it is pleasing,
as I take it in
Satisfaction for a moment,
I need it once again

Inside, I'm slowly dying
I cant resist the pull
It leaves me dark and empty
it never leaves me full

When I try to fight it,
the stronger it becomes
The need once again arises
and to it I succumb

I've prayed for God to take it
and still it takes a hold
His grace is sufficient
is what I'm often told

But I cannot resist it
on my own I often fall
So again on my Jesus
I make a heartfelt call

Will I ever rise above this
Or am I doomed to be
forever in its clutches
It's slowly drowning me

I've even tried to hide it
but it grows larger still
It swallows me in darkness
this cannot be your will

Why can't you take this from me
I beg you, set me free
I fear it holds me back
from all I'm meant to be

How can you look upon me
and love me all the same
when inside me grows a monster
that I just cannot tame